Life Support

There was something strange going on and we had been called in to investigate.

Three deaths in three days all happening in one room was enough to raise suspicion.

The time of death of all three victims was approximately at 9am.

It was a hospital building and noone but medical staff were around at that time.

The coroners report said the cause of death was by heart failure. They had all been on life support in the room, and we couldn’t work out why someone would kill men that already had one foot in the grave.

It was 8:59. My partner and I had been hiding in the room with another heart failure patient, waiting to catch the culprit; when the cleaner walked in.

He placed his equipment beside the door, and taking out a duster he began making his way slowly around the room, discovering our hiding place in the process.

‘What are you doing here!?’ I shouted

‘I jus want clean the room sir’ was his response.

Clearly the investigation was ruined. We would need to come back another time.

We proceeded angrily towards the door asking the cleaner to carry on with his business.

He sucked his teeth and muttered something about people always interfering with his job.

I was just about to respond with a flippant remark when my tongue froze in mid sentence.

My mouth remained open and I stared in awe, as the cleaner casually walked over to the wall socket, unplugged the life support machine, and plugged in the vacuum cleaner.