ddtm concert

Dont Drop The Mic has been a proud part of the Lagos Theater Festival since it’s inception.

This year promises to be even bigger and better with the “DDTM Concert” coming to the Main Stage of Freedom Park on the 9th of March 2019.

Get ready to witness some mind blowing improvisation as the amazingly talented artists from the DDTM crew create musicals and dramas right there on the spot using your very own words and suggestions!

The night will also include an exciting line up of special guests and features, thrown in with unusual games, performances and climaxing with a party vibe like no other.

Come through for some unpretentious and madly creative vibes, whilst experiencing the best talent that Nigeria has to offer. ??

No matter how heavy, Don’t Drop The Mic!!!!?

P.s Free Jameson cocktails for early birds sponsored by Jameson Irish Whiskey ?


Date – Saturday 9th of March 2019

Time – 8pm

Venue – “Freedom Park” – Main Stage,

Hospital Road,

Old Prison Ground,

Lagos Island

Phone – 08098711724 OR 08157167133

Social: IG: @donotdropthemic; TW:@donotdropthemic; FB @dontdropthemic

DDTM – Improvisation l Musicals l Educational Entertainment


Don’t Drop The Mic is an urban variety show where artists create songs off the cuff, freestyle, perform, battle and “improvise” on the spot.

Each show is given a particular theme which is presented to the audience, and this is used to inspire ideas and suggestions that are then translated into monologues, dialogues, songs and games for educative and entertainment purposes.

The program champions social interaction; its main aim being to provide a platform whereby “improvisation” is viewed as a necessary component for social sensitisation to various issues; and as an instrument for positive change; the dissemination of ideas, thoughts, perspectives and dreams.

Dont Drop the Mic is more than just an event, it is a philosophy that encourages people to press on and never give up.